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Wednesday, June 11th 2014

9:00 AM

What is Going On?

 I see several issues that are having devastating effects on public education:

The increased attack on the schools by armed individuals and the reaction of allowing guns in schools and loosening  gun laws that enable the purchasing of guns to those who should not have them.

Recently indiviuals and special interest have challenged and are dismantling the Core Curriculum Standards. It is not fair to the students to have different levels of accomplishment from state to state, country to country, county to county and city to city. Businesses need the assurance that all their employees are capable and literate. Parents need to know that their children can pick up where they left off from their previous schools. Students must be confident that what they have learned in their schools meets the expected levels of achievement for college, work and interaction in society.

The continued movement to underfund and undercut the support of public education through vouchers, charter schools and legislation. Public schools are the life blood of our culture and achievement. It created our middle class and assured every student that they could achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The attack on teachers by some elements of society. Most teachers I know today and knew, from when I taught, are extremely hard working, professional and dedicated to their students. Yes there are individuals who don't belong in the profession and methods should be applied to remove them. To blame the ills of the system on all teachers is an insult injustice and a travesty.

The high cost of tuition must be mitigated. Students are graduating with very high debts and no way to pay them off. Universities need to find ways to pay less attention to sports and more to the needs of their student body. Legislators need to legislate corrective measures and spend less time bickering.

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