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Wednesday, July 15th 2015

3:48 PM

Internet and the Classroom

The 21st Century will bring new tools to current and future teachers, students, administrators and parents. The onset of whiteboards, IPads, tablets, smart phones, desk tops and laptops give, teachers, students, parents and administrators at their finger tips a host of opinions, facts and information that are truly  world –wide. Education sites like The Classroom, Timesavers for Teachers, provide   advice, tips, worksheets, lesson plans, information, links and tools to anyone interested in opening  minds and improving the quality of education. One can see a future in which textbooks will be a secondary source of information and the internet will be an unlimited path for resources, inspiration, information and advice on all levels. The teacher, parent and administrators must be the gateways, filters and guides for the information  and materials being used by the student.

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